Saturday, July 30

friends are good

My three friends just left last night. We went to Tumen, a nearby town that's on the border of North Korea yesterday. We took a bus there and some friends met us at the station. They took us to the river where just across is North Korea! It was a little strange to just look across the river and see it. We went to lunch together and then visited a business that a guy we know is starting up. I'm going to go back there next week with some of the summer volunteers to help get it up and running.
On the bus back yesterday, I was thinking about how well everything worked out for my friends' visit. I really have only been here a short time and don't know that much, but somehow everything worked out so easily and smoothly for the three short days that they were here. They got to see Yanji the first day, Chang Bai Shan the second day, and Tumen the third day. Somehow we made it everywhere without any trouble, and we packed a lot in!
The greatest thing about them being here was that they came as servants and were so encouraging. They brought me some of the stuff (mostly books and winter clothes) that I didn't have room to bring with me and they made the time that they had here quality. I'm so thankful for them!

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Jenni said...

Friends are definitely a blessing!!