Wednesday, July 20

hot, hot, hot

Up until this past Saturday, it was cool here. You took a jacket when you went out in the evening and you wore a sweatshirt to sit in the office in the morning. Well, it got hot. Our temperatures have been steadily climbing since Saturday. Today, our high is in the upper nineties. We have no air conditioning, which is completely OK if you can get a good cross breeze going in whatever room you are in and you don't move too much. However, walking across campus, teaching, going up stairs, or even thinking too hard will produce heavy sweating. Students have a very hard time staying awake in class - both because it's hot and it's harder to get a good night's rest if you're sweating all night. So today, I came to class armed with a squirt gun and then went to get popsicles during my co-teacher's hour with the class. (It only cost $1.50 for 32 popsicles!) They stayed a lot more awake than yesterday, but it was still a struggle. I was mean and shot some guys who fell asleep during class. I feel sorry for them, but they've gotta stay awake!

Today is a sweet day, though, because I got a birthday package from my lovely friend Adrielle in California. She sent me a new card game, good candy, hand sanitizer packets, Teddy Grahams cubs (how cute are those?), orange crush lipsmackers, and green apple gum! Wow! Exciting times!

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jee yeon said...

its so hot and sticky here :(
miss you lela~