Sunday, July 31

a week of work

The past three days have been a sea of saying goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. All the summer volunteers are leaving at different times and we have appointments to meet at the front of the dorm to see them off at various times of the day. In between, I've been sorting things in my new room and trying to read up on China a bit through a Lonely Planet guidebook I borrowed from another teacher. I'm still in the introduction, but it's pretty interesting to get a bit of a historical view of China.

This week the remaining volunteers are splitting up to help with different projects in the area. I'm looking forward to spending some good time with the team and doing some non-teaching work. After that, I plan on travelling to Beijing for the first time. That's why I have the guide book. There is a problem with our train tickets, though. The train tickets we want are all sold out. So, I have to wait to reserve a room in a youth hostel until we know when we're leaving. Hopefully by the time we get our train tickets, all the youth hostels won't be booked. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to a good few weeks of rest from teaching and getting more settled here now that I have my own place.

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