Wednesday, July 27

friends here!

Three friends from Seoul arrived on Tuesday night to visit me for three days. They flew in to the capital city of the province and then took a nine hour train here. Yesterday, we spent the morning at the university, then went to the train station to work out their return trip. We thought that would be sorta easy, but it turned out to be quite an ordeal. Both the night trains were booked. They told us to call a number and try to get a reservation, but that didn't work either. A little Chinese Korean guy fortunately decided to help us, and he directed us over to the buses to try to get a night bus (all of this in the middle of a crazy sudden downpour.) It was significantly more expensive, but still not bad by our standards, so now the three are on the night bus to Changchun. Yay!

After our ticket adventure, we explored downtown, picked up pictures, tried to pick up a package from my sister, but found out we were at the wrong post office, poked around at the markets, and checked out a book store for Chinese posters and maps. One of our members wanted to taste the famous Yanji naeng myeon (cold noodles), so we had an early dinner, then we went to our second dinner at a Chinese restaurant to try the banana dessert I wanted them to try.

Today, my friends are at the famous mountain that's about 4-5 hours away from here. They had to leave at 4am! I hope the weather is clear for them. It was raining when they left, but it's pretty clear here in Yanji now. Of course, on the top of a mountain, you never know! They'll probably be beat tonight when they get back.

In the meantime, I'm cleaning up my desk, finishing grades, and getting ready to give our final in 15 minutes. Today's the last day of our summer term!

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