Monday, February 27

almost in the swing of things

Last week, we had a few different meetings to go to get ready for classes. When we weren't meeting, I was unpacking, organizing, cleaning, shopping for groceries, etc. I must report that I made a quite successful veggie soup modeled after my cousins. (I posted about that a few weeks ago.) I found green beans, carrots, tomatoes, and mushrooms in the market. I found tomato juice and canned corn in the supermarket, and I used some ground beef I had leftover frozen in my freezer. It was yummy. I felt quite old fashioned as I washed and snapped the ends off the peas. I remember going to my great grandma's house and helping with that. (Or maybe I just watched?) I made some cornbread muffins in my new silicone bakeware (I cut the muffin pan in half to fit in my oven) and invited some friends over. I had to ask one of them to bring five spoons because I only had two, and one was dirty. They agreed that it was tasty. I put the rest of the veggies in the freezer after cutting them and now I'm ready to make it at a few hours notice again!

I have been cleaning my house pretty much every day since I've been back, and every day I find more to clean. The dustbunnies and charcoal dust covered nooks and crannies seem abundant, even though my apartment is pretty small! I've done endless loads of laundry, washing my rugs, sheets, clothes, curtains, my down coat, everything. I think I'm about done.

Today, I went to the gym for the first time since I've been back. A friend went with me, and afterwards, we went to our favorite Korean food restaurant to eat kimbap, kalguksu, and dduk bokki. Yum. We went shopping after that and when we came back I was beat. I still haven't made any time to prep for my classes, but I have tomorrow. I should get going now, because we're having a little game night in my apartment later. I should make my bed before people come over.

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