Wednesday, February 22

in my suitcases

Some people asked what I was taking back to China with me. Here's a list of most of the things I brought.

1 soft, fuzzy blanket
6 pack Dr. Pepper mini cans (minus one I had to open for them to check in Beijing at the luggage inspection) for my Texas friend who didn’t get to go home this vacation
2 boxes of apple cider mix
small jar of apricot jam
baking soda, baking powder
3 DVDs (ab workout video, Napoleon Dynamite, My Cousin Vinny)
1 box of granola bars
cheese grater
2 packages of herb seeds
1 set of silicone bakeware
3 sticks of shortening
3 packages of cheese
2 packages of tortillas
1 bottle of perfume
1 package of pepperoni
3 packages of pasta
2 bags of craisins
1 bottle of salsa
1 package of cocoa
2 cans of candy sprinkles
1 bottle of vanilla
3 bags of chocolate chips (one mini, one white, one butterscotch for my friend)
4 pairs of shoes
2 biscuit mixes
3 bags of coffee
1 collage made by my friend in dripping springs
5 tubes of mentha lip shine from Bath and Body works (that stuff is so great, I had to stock up!)
2 bottles of shampoo
2 bottles of conditioner
body and face lotion
an exercise ball
vanilla scented baby powder
2 bags of candy
Burts Bees milk and honey lotion
2 candles
2 boxes of mac and cheese
2 pairs of long underwear
6 sticks of deodorant
1 bag of tortilla chips (slightly crushed)
24 books (I always go overboard here)
1 large bottle of olive oil
shower curtain, liner, and rings
plus my laptop, small amount of clothes and miscellaneous stuff

**note to those of you who leave me comments...I can't comment back to you, because I can't see my blog to look at the comments. I can only post. (I also can't read other blogspot blogs.) I do get your comments e-mailed to me, though, so keep commenting!


Angela said...

I'm glad you finally mentioned some clothes. I was afraid you may be making a new wardrobe out of food wrappers! ha, ha, hillarious list, I love it! It sounds yummy:) If I ever get stranded on an island like in Cast Away, I hope you and your bags are stranded with me and that maybe you'd share ;)

Terry & Barbara Glenn said...

Lela it is good to read your thoughts again. I am glad to know that you do receive our comments. I loved reading your list. I guess you don't have the conviences we have here. I wish you a great semester.