Tuesday, February 28

the first day of school

Today is our first day! I'm lucky, because I only have one class. Our beginner classes don't meet on Wednesday. This is a nice transition from two months of not having to wake up for much to getting to the office at 7:15 to get ready for my 8:00 class.

I got some "find someone who" sheets ready for the classes and made "syllabi." I put syllabi in quotes because they're not real syllabi. Mostly, I just like the plural of the word syllabus and I try to use it when I can. They have the test dates on them and the percentage of each thing that goes into their grade, plus my office hours and phone numbers, but that's about it. We don't have to make them, but it makes me feel good to give them something.

Last night was fat Tuesday, called "Shrove Tuesday" in England. I have an English friend here and she says that they eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. That made me hungry for pancakes, so I made some (apple walnut with a little cornmeal mixed with the flour) and invited her and another friend over. I then realized I don't have enough forks. I had one real one and one plastic one. I ate with a spoon and it was all good. The great thing is that Saturday, when I didn't have enough spoons, one of my friends offered to give me some, and last night when I didn't have enough forks, one of my friends said she had extra and she could give me some. How great is that? I also got a hot water boiler given to me last week, right before I was going to have to return one to a student who left his with me while he was in Korea. I'm thankful for provision!

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