Thursday, February 16

more drive time

I drove all the way to Denton from outside Louisville on Tuesday. Only two stops. I was trying to make it in time to join my cousin for a girls' Valentine's night. I made it, just a little late, but I was really in no mood to be out. I wanted to go to bed. Funny how driving wears you out. I did get some good thinking time in, though. This time, I prepared myself to write some stuff down as I thought about it. My Dad's truck has this great pull down armrest with a pullout clipboard on it. So, I prepared it with some paper and a pen. I wrote stuff down as I drove. Stuff I heard on the radio, songs I wanted to put in playlists on my ipod, people I needed to email and call before I leave, and other thoughts. You can see that I wasn't looking at the paper much while I was driving, because it's hard to make out most of what I wrote, but the reminder is still there. Maybe I'll expand a little more on these drive time thoughts in the next few posts.

Oh, and Texas sunsets take the cake, don't they?


Angela said...

I have to preview several times and then the pics may still be different. When you go to add a pic. mine gives me left, center or right options as well as sizes. Once it is uploaded, the pictures appear as code between < > you can cut and paste these, making sure the right code (mine start with DSC with numbers) for your picture is right before your comment on it. To make them not stack, I often have to make a bunch of space in between each section of picture and comment. Hope that helps. AND I love the sunsets and careful writing while you drive!!

Terry & Barbara Glenn said...

Lela, when do you leave for China?