Sunday, February 12

drive time

I spent almost two whole days on the road last week, listening to music, trying to get through a biography on CD about Alexander Hamilton that turned out to not engage me so well, and thinking about stuff. The thinking about stuff part is the best. That's the reason that road trips are worthwhile to me. For some reason if I'm flying, I don't get the same contemplative time. That's probably because I'm a good sleeper and will easily fall asleep instead of think or listen to music on a plane. Anyhow, I had some good think time. I would randomly think, hey, I should blog this when I get near a computer. But, I didn't. It's not all lost, but I'll have to think about it again before I can blog. I'm pretty sure that my thoughts aren't really so revolutionary, but while I'm driving I think that they might be.
I've spent the past few days not doing much. I've been cooking some, resting some, just hanging out with my sister and brother in law. We've been having a good time. I'll be heading back to Texas in the next day or two. I'll see if I can get some really deep thoughts from that drive posted up here before I head back to China.

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