Friday, March 17

already a week!

This past week went by so quickly! I'm spending most of my Saturday, again, in the office e-mailing, writing tests, entering grades in the computer, and trying to get stuff ready so I can leave my classes for a day and a half with another teacher. I got three teachers to cover my three classes for Friday and Monday morning. They were all very gracious, even though they don't get anything for it except what I can give them by way of thank you (like some homemade cookies, or perhaps a special find from Korea).

I finished interviewing all my 80-or-so students except for one this week. That's a big accomplishment. Now I can use my time in the office to get work done.

I taught Rascal Flatt's song "Broken Road" to my intermediate class on Friday. It sort of goes with life lessons and the idiom that we learned on Friday was "blessing in disguise." They like learning songs, and it's fun to teach them, too. I'm gonna teach George Strait's "Run" this week to my beginner class. We're doing a unit on entertainment, so they are learning about the different names for genres of music. Most of them say they like country music, but I'm not sure they really understand what country music is. I've played a few samples for them, and I even did a few steps of the two step, which they thought was funny.

I've started watching a new Korean drama this week: 넌 어느 별에서 왔니? And I finally called my Korean tutor from last semester, so we are going to start meeting once a week. I set up a Korean study schedule for myself which I'm trying to keep, and I have the number for a girl who wants to tutor me in Chinese, so I'm gonna start that this week or next. So much to learn!

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