Friday, March 10

some things i love now

1. drinking hot water, even with no tea or anything else to flavor it
when i first saw/experienced this in Korea, I thought it was pretty strange. now, i drink it at home, especially on cool nights when i've already brushed my teeth.

2. quail eggs
they have beautiful little spotted shells. you can boil them, peel them, and eat them with salt and pepper, or after peeling, cook and let soak in some soy sauce and eat them as a side dish. i had a friend over last night who helped me peel a batch and she said "i love everything about these things...their size, their taste, the look of the shells..."

3. running to rap music
i never have really liked rap, but a friend gave me some so that she could upload it from my computer to her mp3 and i put it on my ipod and used it for music while running. i don't run for long, but the energy and the beat in the music made the time go by faster

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