Friday, March 31

English funnies

I watched a Korean movie yesterday with some of my students. The English title is 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant. It's about a high school girl who has to repay damage she does to a college student's car. Through the 100 days, they fall in love, etc., etc. It was sorta cute. Afterward, I read the review on the back of the DVD case. I type it here word for word.

The Hayoung is already through is a high inside three year classes learn to
living, however and still and often and often white daydream of hair. Not
over at solid now living the male friend that live inside, Hayoung out the
cent's hand. The Hayoung harms the heat of the difficult heart head, in be
the street disorderly beat the vapor car. Her ruined male learn to living
the Hy all and new to run the car, Hyungjoon to beg the Hayoung tpensate the.
The Hayoung did not have money, then not wish the gnd sign to down owe single,
and need to be wanted the for inside yungjoon make on days for repair the.

Maybe you can understand why we have to read real English books just to keep our English at the same level it was when we came. The level of English we use can deteriorate quickly, but we have a lot of fun reading this stuff and catching our friends in their errors!

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Angela said...

errors? I couldn't understand a phrase from that whole blurb! That's a complete disaster. You could have your students correct it, or at least make it somewhat understandable. But alas, I'm sure I butcher Spanish just as effectively at times. Keep up the good work- it's obvious you're very needed!!!