Friday, March 10

an amazing snow

You can't really understand how impressive this snow was by looking at the picture, but you have to try to imagine this:
Yesterday, it was snowing small flakes as I walked to the office before my 8:00 class. During my 9:00 class, it turned into rain, then at about 11:00, it began snowing these HUGE flakes of snow. All of us who were in the English conversation office lined up at the windows to watch it.
Here were some of the comments:
"If you wanted to have a snowball fight with this, all you'd have to do is catch one flake and throw it!"
"What kind of environmental conditions would cause the snow to come down in such large clumps?"
"I've never seen anything like this before!"

It was all gone an hour or so after lunch, because the temperature has really warmed up in the past week, but it was amazing while it lasted.

Yesterday afternoon, I went on an adventure to try to get a return ticket from Korea to Yanji. I am planning on going for just the weekend, so I booked my return flight on the ticket that I used to get here last summer. Since one way tickets are not that much more expensive than round trip tickets, I just planned on getting a ticket from Seoul to Yanji. I called the three companies that run these flights and found that Korean air had the cheapest price. So, I went to their office and waited for fifteen minutes or so for the ticket to be booked at another office and then was going to pay for it, but it turned out to be much more expensive than the price they quoted to me. They said it was because of oil taxes. Well, why couldn't they tell me that before I withdraw the cash to pay for it? I didn't have enough cash on me, and cash was all they were able to take. So, I went to another company to purchase the same flight from them, because it turned out to be cheaper, but they couldn't book me a ticket that began in Seoul.

A bit frustrated with all this, I walked to the gym to get in a short workout before a scheduled meeting with someone in the evening. I was hungry, because I'd had only a little roll of kimbap for lunch, so I stopped by a Korean style snack vendor for some spicy rice patty on a stick to give me some fuel for my workout. I asked for what I wanted in Korean, because I figured someone selling Korean snacks would speak Korean. She told me how much it was in Chinese, and I thought she said 5 yuan. I thought she was ripping me off because I was a foreigner, so I looked at the little girl next to me with a confused look, and then the little girl translated the price into Korean. Then I realized that she'd said 5 mao (6 cents) and not 5 yuan (6o cents). It's kinda funny that I would even consider paying 54 cents more for a rice patty a rip off.

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