Monday, March 20

good things about warm weather

The high today was supposed to be 48 degrees. It was really a lovely skies, not much wind....
So, I got started thinking about all the good things that go along with warmer weather:

We walked outside from the office to the cafeteria to lunch and back and enjoyed it.
Soon we'll be able to sit outside on the grassy hill after lunch or play frisbee after classes.
They took the extra makeshift wooden door off the outside of the doors.
Soon the nasty, dirty curtains that they have on all the doors downtown (to keep the warm air in) will come off and my hands will stay so much cleaner.
Now, we can take walks/jogs around the school instead of hiking it to the gym everytime we want to do something other than play badminton in the gym or jumprope inside.
We can go outside without two layers plus all the outerwear. So much simpler. We can even wear skirts now!
Soon, we'll be wearing flip-flops and we might even be able to get a little color in our skin. Who knows.

Although, there are some downsides to the warm weather too. One friend was going to get some chestnuts tonight, but the roasted chestnut vendor has apparently packed up for the year. Only a cold weather treat. Also, I bought some frozen stuff at the supermarket tonight and it'll be totally melted if I don't get it back soon. A month ago, it would have lasted quite a while longer. So, I better get it home.

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