Wednesday, March 22


Our office can sometimes be quite funny. A few weeks ago, as the new teachers were getting settled in, we were walking to the only restaurant that is within walking distance (on a cold day anyway) from our campus. The dinner wasn't so enticing in the cafeteria, so on the spur of the moment, a few of us decided to walk to this little hole in the wall restaurant. It was very cold, and I hadn't planned on going out, so I was just wearing a shirt, jeans, and a coat. It wasn't enough. As we ran with teeth chattering to the restaurant, somebody said that we should make a TV show of our life here. Then somebody said, "Well, we could! It seems like anything is possible in Yanji!" We've been quoting that line ever since.

That same teacher often says quite funny stuff. She was the one who inspired me to make a schedule for myself to keep on track as I study Korean, because she had made one for herself to study MCAT. So, I was asking her if she'd kept up with her MCAT study schedule. I have tried to keep up with mine, but I decided to also count watching my Korean drama as study time. So, she said: "Oh, I wish there were an MCAT drama!"

One more, just for good measure. Three of us went to a meeting on Sunday downtown and we saw another teacher there. The next day, one of our group said to the other teacher: "Remember that day we saw you downtown?" It took us a few seconds to realize it, but she was talking about yesterday. So, I said "Do you mean yesterday?" and we all laughed. Sometimes we feel like time flies, but then some days are so long!

We have a board in the office where we put funny things people say. Needless to say, it's never empty.

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