Monday, March 26

blogger block

Well, I'm back with a blog that I post just to ward off worried emails from certain relatives (except that I have emailed said relatives in the past week even though I didn't blog).

I am enjoying my culture class, but I still feel inadequate with it. I finally got the book, but it's super boring and I feel kinda sorry for making them read it, so I only assign really specific sections. I have two office hours a week that I encourage my students to come to and I've had two pairs of culture students come to two of those hours just to chat. That didn't happen so often at the uni I used to teach at, so I enjoyed it. It's gonna be hard to get to know those 47 students if they don't come by since we only see each other once a week.

My conversation students are so cute and eager. I finished interviewing them last week and realized how little they really speak and understand (especially the guys are struggling to understand in class) but they are still trying hard. I love teaching beginner conversation.

I've recently enjoyed some quality time hanging out with families. I'm so lucky to have relationships with families here that keep me from the one dimensional single life that I could get caught up in otherwise.

Hopefully I'll have a more creative and thoughtful post for you sometime soon.

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