Monday, March 5


It snowed gently but steadily from about 11 am yesterday until this morning. So much beautiful snow! I watched a short Korean lady get out on her porch to shovel some off and it came up past her knees. It didn't get that far on me, but it's a lot of snow!
I went out this morning to start the process of getting internet in my apartment. (I should have it in the next few days.) I was amazed again at how everybody gets out and gets to work to make the sidewalks walkable and the roads driveable. There is one or maybe two snowplows in this city, so everybody has to get out on the street and shovel. They make huge piles of snow and sometimes use blankets or buckets to cart them off somewhere else. This truck above was taking snow somewhere. And, I wanted to share a pic of my cutest little plant! I went to the plant market on Friday to restock my porch after being gone for the winter. (I left most of my plants with a friend and most of them survived, but I wanted some new color). I came home with this little guy, three aloe stalks, a lovely ivy, and another fuzzy little green thing. My porch is happy again!


Rachael said...

You'd think pictures like this would make me thankful to be in sunny Texas, but I guess it doesn't work that way. I miss Yanji.

chinachat said...

I don't think snow pictures ever make me want sun. I love, love, love snow. Last night a few of us walked down the YUST hill from a friends apartment and it was perfect...quiet, white, cold. I'm glad you miss Yanji, Rachael! It's a good kind of miss.