Saturday, March 10

week in review

We had a pretty big snowstorm, like I wrote about, last Sunday/Monday. We got about a foot and a half of snow. It was still in huge mounds on the side of the main streets and not yet melted or cleared from the back streets on Friday, but things were melting in the sun.

This was the scene from my window on either Wednesday or Thursday at the military base. They work with a wooden board that has ropes to be pulled by the guys in front while one guy stays at the back to push and steer. You can see at the top the perfectly formed banks of snow on the side of the road. After the roads and the area just around the statue were cleared, the guys set out to clear the area in front of the statue.

This morning, I felt sorry for those guys who worked so hard all week to clear it out, because it was all covered in snow again. I had plans to do a few errands and go to the gym today, but the only place I made it to was the nearby store to pick up some salad vegetables for dinner at my apartment with a friend tonight. Almost as soon as the snow finished falling the same crazy strong wind that blew all Monday and Tuesday started to blow again today. A good day to stay inside, skype with my family, finish a book and cook a friend dinner.

The 8th of March is International Womens' Day. This was my first time to really celebrate it. Our department threw us a dinner party at a hotel. These are some of the new teachers I work with in the English department.

I love my plant porch! I know you could care less, but here they are anyhow.


Jenni said...

I'm glad there are people like you that love to nurture plants....I love to enjoy them, but can't keep anything alive. ;-)

R Debenport said...

I DO care about your plant porch! I'm sure it's great to have a such a bright little spot of life in your apartment especially when it's so cold and snowy outside. When you live overseas in places different than you'd live in at home, you learn to appreciate the little things, don't you think? I loved my tropical plant and fishbowl we had outside our front door in Chiang Mai - it was our "yard" so to speak.

chinachat said...

Yeah, living overseas is good for a lot of things, one of which is learning to appreciate things you might normally take for granted. I wish I could have visited you while you were still in Chiang Mai, Rebecca!