Friday, March 30

three things

Three bad things that have happened to me today:
1. I am pretty sure I got on the bus today and gave the lady a 10 kuai bill and then she didn't give my my 9 kuai in change. I say pretty sure because I usually just hand over a 1 kuai bill so I'm not in the habit of getting change. I realized when I opened my wallet later that that was probably what happened. This happened to me one other time when I gave a 20 but the lady was honest enough to tap me on the back to give me my change.

2. I bought some rolls at the bakery and when I got home, took a few big bites out of one for lunch, then realized that there were little mold pockets all over them. Yuck. This also happened to me once when I bought a stick of frozen candied strawberries on a stick one night on the way home, ate almost the whole thing before I got to my apartment, then turned on the light and realized there was mold on the strawberries underneath the candied sugar.

3. As I was crossing the street from the bus stop to my apartment, I got sprayed in the face with dirty street water from a car.

Well, it's only 1:45 in the afternoon, so I'm sure the day will look up from here on out. It snowed this morning! A dense, wet snow that was a beautiful surprise. It just turned into slush on the ground, but we have to enjoy it because it's probably our last snow of the season!

***I don't usually have such a series of unfortunate events, but yesterday I had a few more to tack on at the end of the day. I was heading out the door to a friend's house for a "wine and cheese" party. I didn't want to give up my precious cheese, so I bought a bottle of Chinese wine to take. I had it in my shoulder bag and as I was walking out the door, I remembered that I needed to get one other thing. Since I don't usually carry glass bottles in my bag, I tossed it lightly on the floor. It broke, of course. I had to clean out the glass shards and the wine, but most importantly, I lost the wine. I decided this was my clue to not be stingy with my cheese, so I took some white cheddar that I bought in Harbin over the break. It turned out that mine was the only cheese there and it was appreciated.

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Jenni said...

ick! hope the day did get better!!!