Friday, March 16

homesick texan

Living in China has many perks. Many of my students ask me what I think about China, why I came, why I stay.... There are lots of reasons, of course, including the one big purpose for me being here. But inside that, there's the great opportunity for language learning, culture experience, the fun of figuring new things out and communicating with people, my friends here, cheap massages, opportunities to travel on breaks, teaching and building relationships with students and working with the people I teach with, and great, cheap food.

Then there's the times when you miss the people and things of home too, of course. I came across this blog recently: It's written by someone in New York, which strikes me as funny, since it's still in the States, but I guess those in New York still have some things to miss too. Anyway, the things she writes about are almost always things I identify closely with and miss too. Check it out. Good stories and good recipes.


Shaun said...

Hi there,

Interested in moving to Yanji, I have been reading your blog for a while now. Hopefully this doesn't sound too freaky, would it be ok if I called you sometime for a chat? If so, my Skype name is shaunsutton.

Many thanks and blessings,
Shaun Sutton, London, UK

RD said...

you mean catfish, hush puppies and chicken fried steak aren't hot items in Yanji??? :)