Thursday, March 8


I got internet this morning! I also have a home phone number to go with it. I also have a webcam, so skype me. My skype name is my email before the @ and then my year of birth. If you can't figure that out, let me know.

My only phone jack is behind the refrigerator, which is not so convenient, and I don't want to put a computer desk in my living/dining room/kitchen, so I think I'm gonna get a wireless router, because they're not too expensive. I'm also getting a roommate (!) in a few weeks, so then we can both be online at the same time.

About the roommate, I'm excited. I really love my alone time, but I think it's time for me to have a roommate again to teach me important things you learn from sharing space with someone. My place isn't so big and has about zero storage, but it does have two bedrooms. (I've gotta find a place for the sheets and coats that are stored in the second bedroom.)

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Jenni said...

yay for internet at home!! and wireless is even better. good luck with the roommate situation - I've lived by myself for about 9 years now and it would be really hard to go back to sharing space!!