Sunday, July 8

summer has I have to make some decisions!

It's been over a week since I posted because I've been busy hosting a group of summer volunteers who came to teach for a week (more volunteers are here this week to take their place) at the university and get a feel for life here. It was really a great week, although it was difficult for me (generally a quiet, not too talkative person) to be with people almost all day everyday. It's always good to be stretched. I'm trying to train myself to be more of a people person, someone who can sense others needs and meet them when I can.

Anyway, I was really blessed to see these teachers, with only a week of one class a day, pour into these students all their energy and time. They taught well and met with students outside of class as much as they could. The students ate it up. The teachers and students loved it. Some are so hooked they're planning on coming back. Yay!

I saw them off at their hotel this morning at 5:30 then walked back home, along with the early morning market shoppers. (Maybe I'll try to get up early again this week and get a picture of that market.) I only got about 4 hours of sleep because we stayed up late at the karaoke room. We went to one of the nicest ones in town - even with neon signs and a lit stage in each room and cordless mikes! We had a great time with a few members of the group who let go of their pride and danced along with their songs. So funny. Sometimes it comes from the most unlikely people.

With the last week of eating out almost every meal (hot pot, kimbap, Korean steamed dumplings and noodles, Chinese family style meals, bibimbap, meat self cooked on skewers over the fire in Western Chinese style, Korean bulgogi cooked on the pan at the table...the food here is good), I have almost no food that is actually edible in my fridge. I do still have some frozen meatballs from the class dinners I had, one bag of watermelon that I bought and froze last week (it's so good to make smoothies with yogurt and a little honey for breakfast), and some other random stuff. I did find enough to make some fried rice with egg, kimchi, bits of meat, onions and cooked rice that's been in the freezer forever.

So, today is the first real day of summer since I turned my grades in about one hour before my volunteer team came in. I've got some decisions to make regarding keeping my apartment or moving my junk to someone else's house while I'm gone and then finding a new place when I get back from my long visit home. I would keep it if I knew for sure I was coming back to this city, but I'm considering going back for more language in Seoul since it's a better place for Korean immersion and they have better language schools there. Ahh, decisions...I've been putting this one off til the summer team left.

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