Wednesday, July 11

Buy Shoes. Save Lives.

I have my friend Laura's blog on Google reader list. She posted recently about a business she found online to get Iraqi children heart surgeries by selling unique shoes handmade in Iraq. They work with an organization that sends non-Israeli children to good doctors in Israel or Jordan who give them the surgery they need. That not only gives them what they physically need but it works toward breaking down walls between the nations.

You can find the shoe store here: (I tried to put a link at the top of my sidebar, but I can't tell if it's working or not because of internet issues.)

Lately, through different avenues (a significant one being that I've been listening to public radio stories through podcasts on my computer), my heart is being opened to the people of Iraq. (Don't worry, Mom, I don't think I'll go there or anything...or is Iraq less scary...?)

Certainly there are many places in the world that deserve our thoughts and attention. Mostly anything that nudges us out of our complacency is worthwhile. For me, finding this site has given me at least one way to begin to connect with what I am feeling for the people in that part of the world with my life. Even though expensive white (haven't worn white shoes since Keds were the rage in middle school) handmade shoes were not on my top 100 list of things to buy this year, they suddenly are now.


Laura said...

I just I love the last sentence of your blog. Same here, expensive (white!) shoes were NOT at the top of my list! Now my mind is set on buying a pair, it's just a matter of a little more time.

BTW, I see where the picture is suppose to be, but it doesn't show up. The actual link does work if you click the broken-picture box.

RD said...

I'm with you on that . . . my heart goes out to the Iraqi people. I'm going to check out the website. Thanks for posting this.

mad4books said...

What? White shoes went out of style? (Yes, I'm old.)


buyshoes said...

dear chinachat,

we really appreciate your advocacy on behalf of what we are tyring to do in Iraq. We love the photos of China on your blog, and yes, in some ways, I think Iraq might be less scary! But China has an amazing culture... we hope to visit someday!

Whether you ever get around to buying a pair of non-Ked white shoes for grownups, we're extremely grateful for your help in spreading the word.

We're over $5,000 in sales in three weeks, which puts us in the ballpark for our first full surgery soon!

Enjoy China - we're enjoying the pics

The Buy Shoes. Save Lives. Guys

fashion said...

nice post!!...good cause...i'd buy nike shoes and save lives......