Tuesday, July 24

Qingdao, part 2

I'm back from the trip and am gonna backtrack a little to post some pics that I couldn't post on the road. This is a pavilion on a little peninsula lit up at night.

The Chinese version of the hackey sack. It's a weighted thing that clinks when you kick it and has feathers at the top. This guy was playing at the top of a hill we went up in a park.

This is one of the craziest things I've ever seen. I stood mesmerized by it for a quite a while. People rent one of these inflatable balls to put their kid in. They blow up the ball and the kids run around (for what seems like way too long) like a little hamster. There's no breathing hole, so the kids are just going on whatever oxygen is in there. I honestly started getting nervous that the kids were going to pass out, but the moms on the side had no such qualms, even when at the end the kids were laying at the bottom of the ball, too tired to move anymore. Hello! Let the kid out!

Lao Shan, the spring that Tsingtao beer is made from. We hiked up there our last day in Qingdao. The weather was cloudy, but not rainy and not too hot, so it was a nice day except for the fact that we forgot to take any food with us.

These guys will charge you 40 yuan to take you up the mountain on a little chair. At the end of the day on our way down, they were taking it easy.

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mad4books said...

Amazing pictures. When you return to the States, be sure to do photography on the side...