Tuesday, July 24

Qingdao pictures

the beach on our first night

men playing Chinese chess on the beach

Qingdao is a beautiful city with lots of parks and a great pedestrian walk that goes all the way down the length of the beach. A guy was selling these huge shells there.

A trash can with view of the beach behind, but the best part is the "organism" sign. It means organic waste that can't be recycled.

This looked like it could be a good spot for a photo shoot with the old door, cool blue paint and Chinese characters. (In response to a comment left before that I can't respond to - Chinese do have their own characters for numbers, but they aren't used all that often. Arabic numerals are very common.)

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mad4books said...

I completely ADORE (no pun intended!) the door picture. Just when I thought you couldn't take any better pictures than the ones you already posted, you topped yourself!