Thursday, July 12

pics from the last few weeks

This is what the old men do every day outside my apartment. They bring out their little folding stools and follow the shade as long as they can. They go in for lunch and then come back out in the afternoon.

I like this description on a store downtown.

Two weeks ago when the spring semester ended, before the summer classes started, some of my beginner students had me over to their dorm room for lunch. They don't have a way to cook in their room, but they bought rice, lots of lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, red pepper paste and kimbap. We made lettuce rolls with the rice and red pepper paste. We had fruit for dessert. It was yummy and I was so happy to hang out with them for a little while in their room! (They have four bunk beds per room, so 8 girls in one not so large room!)

This guy painted my Chinese name (Li - la) for me next to the Tumen river last week. He told me he wanted to do it for me for free, but I paid him 10 yuan anyway. I thought he wanted to paint it to get me to pay him something, but it turned out he was really nice and just wanted to give it to me. I gave him the money anyhow, but I couldn't tell if he was offended or not.

I found this interesting flavor of chips the other day - Ethnican flavor. I've heard of the Incas, but never Ethnicans. :)


Ji Yun Jung said...

they guy in the picture must be very smart ~ Writing Chinese characters and drawing at the same time ???!!! WOW

Ji Yun Jung said...

sorry.. I meant to say 'the guy' Not 'they guy" -_-"