Wednesday, July 25


I have a picture collection of funny English I find. These are some of the ones we saw on our trip. This is perhaps one of the greatest of all time. This is the menu of a coffee shop we went to on the rainy Sunday in Qingdao. I think the "red pee" and "green pee" are actually supposed to be "pea." It's an easy mistake, right? That provided some needed laughter to our rainy day.

The dressing room sign at the beach. Be careful, there might be a ship in the dressing room! (You should also be careful of slippery surfaces.)

Hiking along the LaoShan spring.

Going up the mountain outside of Xian.

I'm not sure there would be a better way to say this in English, but it's funny anyway.

I know I've tried to recruit English teachers before, but maybe now you can see our need more clearly!

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