Tuesday, April 27

a clean living room!

We had some friends over for dinner last night, so the living room was presentable enough for me to get some pictures!

Almost everything in our apartment was given to us. We're really thankful!

Colin's keyboard, our shoe cabinet, and the Goodwill chair and ottoman.

My underused desk/sewing machine table that I hope to either refinish or paint. (I'm thinking about a bright green from the paint samples under the magnet.) I got a bunch of these trays at Goodwill for the wedding, and hung a few above the desk as a magnet idea board.

Mimi's old suitcases came with us in a car load from Texas.

Pillow covers made from IKEA fabric and recycled wool sweaters.


Kara said...

Just catching up on your apt posts -- it looks wonderful! Very fresh and very homey! I love the sweater pillow covers -- although I'm too lazy to sew a zipper into them, I may do a more slapdash version. :)

Kara said...

ps - sewing up the bottom half of a fun sweater also makes a good sewing machine dustcover!