Friday, April 9

a few things at home

I hung this branch above our headboard and am now wondering what to hang from it. Since I took the picture, I've hung a tiny string of papel picado from the ends, but I'm not sure it will stay. Any ideas?

The owl with chalkboard was Colin's idea to put in the bathroom. Weird, but fun.

This is also in our bathroom. It was the first thing we put up when we moved in, with green and white glass I collected for wedding centerpieces from Goodwill.

How fun is this idea to write and illustrate family recipes on the inside of cabinets? I'm not going to do it since we're renting, but I can dream. More pics to come soon of the rest of the little place.


Jenni said...

you could hang photos from the branch over your the creativity in your decorating.

One Woman said...

I made a mobile using a branch really similar to that. I used stuff I had around the house: different colored ribbon, seashells, xmas ornaments, silver spoon, pom poms. I think something like that would be nice. You could do multi-color or stick to a minimalist palette. I'll try to take a photo and send to you.

Love your decorating!!!

Angela said...

always enjoy your pictures and anecdotes. Your branch could be a sort of message board along with the decorations- a word to each other or a word from the Lord, once a week or whenever you could switch out the word/message- write 1 fruit of the spirit each week... of course you could also use it as a hint and hang a piece of lingerie from time to time ;)

lela said...

ooh, saucy, angela! (i'm not sure he would notice, though...)