Thursday, April 22

some things we've done in the apartment

I bought cup hooks to give us some more storage space in the cabinets, but then Colin decided a better approach would be to build more shelves for the cabinets and use the hooks to hang our pots and pans on the opposite side of the cabinet. It works well and is fun because we have some brightly colored cookware.

I hung up wire from eye hooks to hang pictures, fun magazine pages, and quotes from. (You see an overflowing fruit bowl here because I occasionally buy extra large bags of grapefruit and eat one a day for weeks. Yum!)

And I recovered the seats to these dining chairs that were given to us with some fabric from a local upholstery/resale store (that I might start working full time for!).


Jenni said...

such fun decorating!!

One Woman said...

what happened to nannying????

where did you get your wire/hooks to hang the photos/art? i wanted to do that with liesl's school artwork.

love you and miss you! coming to texas soon?

lela said...

I'm still nannying - why do you ask? Although I'm considering job options now.
I bought picture hanging wire and eye hooks at Home Depot.
I would love to come to Texas soon - my sister and her family are visiting there this weekend and I'm jealous. But, no visit in the works.