Wednesday, April 14

Sunday Morning

I made hot cross buns on Sunday - I'd wanted to make them all week long since I saw a few posts on Good Friday with recipes for them. I had to make them with mostly whole wheat flour, which made them a little heavy, because I ran out of regular flour. (Colin is campaigning for a complete switch to all whole wheat flour, and I'm for using half and half in recipes.)

So, we had breakfast together (a rare thing) on Sunday, with a homemade latte for me and a glass of milk for him. After church, we went to a new Korean sauna Colin got free tickets to. They had the hottest steam rooms ever and a room to lie down on heated red clay balls. Fanciest sauna I've ever been to! After that, Korean soft tofu stew. Yummy. A wonderful Sunday indeed.

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Elaine said...

Have you tried white whole wheat (100%) flour? yeah, oxymoron. I've successfully used it in pizza crust, bread and cookies and I find it at Trader Joes. Maybe theres a compromise for ya!