Friday, April 2

Good Friday thoughts from a friend

My friend Suzanne posted this today. Here is a piece, but really you should read the whole thing.

There is an aspect about the passage of Jesus making breakfast for his disciples that might be like very close friends coming together after a long night out, hangovers and all, to share in the previous night’s antics and activities: confessing indiscretions and stupid things said or done, but walking away from it with stronger love for one another, and a whole lot more grace. Such a gathering would acknowledge humility and human frailty, but it would all be okay.

This Easter, then, I approach Sunday with an awareness that I can’t really say to my Christ, I love you so much! I say, perhaps, I love you with a human love. Or, I love you more than some things, but some other things I still love more.

Really, I look forward to breakfast: To food, real food, to the bread of God’s word, and to thankfulness for daily provision; For having a full net one minute, and an empty one the next. And that is about all that I can muster.


“Keep this proverb in mind: The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. Therefore, withdraw your heart from the love of things visible and turn yourself to things invisible.”

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