Sunday, January 2

Christmas in Texas

We had a pretty great Christmas break in Texas. We flew to Abilene, in hopes to fulfill my Mother's dream of having Christmas at her house, and my sister and her family drove in the same night. We stayed there for most of the break and did a lot of resting, playing, and a few odd jobs as gifts to my parents.

Curtis took his first steps on Christmas Eve, but I'm not sure he's taken any since then. He's such a cutie!

Wesley got as much time on the iPad as his parents could stand.

We went to my sister's house for a few days to meet up with all but one of the girl cousins. Sarah, fresh from a semester backpacking and doing an internship in England, gave Wesley a dance lesson in his pajamas.

We were missing one important cousin who couldn't make it, but we enjoyed our time together a whole bunch. I'm already plotting when another Texas visit could be possible.

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Laura said...

Man, that was a good nap! Looking forward to your next Texas trip.