Tuesday, January 18

One Year!

Sunday was our one year anniversary! Pretty hard to believe. I was away for the weekend. When I came back on Sunday afternoon, I noticed Colin's gift to me right away:

He sanded down my desk and repainted it! I couldn't believe it. He painted the chair to match, too! I had this project on my long list of projects ever since he found the desk (for free) almost a year ago. I didn't think I was ever going to get around to doing it, since my list of projects just gets longer and longer.

I love it and I'm super excited to get to make some fun stuff at it soon!

We got dressed up and went to dinner and a Flamenco show in LA, which was fun. We took our letters that were written to us at our wedding and reception a year ago and read them over dinner. It was a great way to remember our wedding and think back a little on the year. We also found two surprise wedding gifts in the envelopes!

It was dark, which doesn't make for good pics, especially since my good camera is broken, but we got a blurry shot to remember our one year mark. We're going to San Francisco this weekend for a little more celebration. Yay!


Laura said...

Yay for Colin! The color doesn't look too far off from my little table I just painted. It looks great!

One Woman said...

i've missed your blog!! And you, of course. Happy anniversary. SF looks fun!!!