Tuesday, January 25

San Francisco!

To celebrate our first anniversary, we went to San Francisco. It was a longer drive than either of us anticipated, but we enjoyed a full day Saturday and half a day on Sunday - mostly riding our bikes up and down hills, eating at YUMMY restaurants, and seeing a few sights. It was my first time to visit the bay area, and I now see what all the hype is about. We are going to have to find another weekend to visit to see more!

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Anonymous said...

okay, so your SanFran pics are what I wanted my SanFran pics to look like. We were there the weekend before you, but spent most of our time at our friends' house while everyone endured a nasty stomach virus. I did manage to get one glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge from the car ... that was about it. I guess I can just live vicariously through your photos! Glad you had fun. :)
Rebecca D