Monday, January 3

Our Christmas Tree

I'm getting ready to take our weird little Christmas tree down, so I took a few pictures of it. Earlier in the fall, I was thinking that if I did a craft fair, I'd like to have a few Christmas trees to display my ornaments and headbands on. I really wanted an old fashioned aluminum one, but a quick search let me know they were out of my price range.

On an estate sale trip one morning, I came across a stack of tomato cages that were upside down and I realized they made a Christmas tree shape. I left that estate sale with a stack of vintage clothes, a bulletin board that I've been using as a mobile workstation (it makes it easy to clear off the dining table to eat when all the stuff I've been making is on a movable board), a great leather purse, tomato cages, and other random stuff for $30! Warning: getting a great deal like that can be addictive and lead to piles of things you have great hopes for.

So, after the craft fair was over, I took the tallest tomato cage and made it into our little Christmas tree. An eco-friendly, economical, and fun alternative!

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