Tuesday, January 4

Welcome, 2011!

I am working on clearing out space in our apartment and in my life. Although I wasn't looking forward to going back to work on Monday, it actually ended up feeling nice to wake up and go and come home. I still remember the feeling of months of no work, so I'm appreciating starting out the year employed.

I got excited on New Years night (as we were killing time between dinner and the movie we wanted to see) when I found a tiny turquoise Moleskine for 50% off at Borders. I like to carry one around with me in my purse, so the smaller the better. Beginning a new year with a new planner feels nice, if a bit nerdy.

Two other things to get my new year to an exciting start are a coupon envelope made from recycled paper and tape and Living More With Less, which just came out in a 30th anniversary edition. I have loved the cookbook that is by the same author for a long time because it's great for living overseas and being mindful of what we make and eat. I haven't checked out the new version (I got the old one for free from my mother in law), but I can only imagine that it would be even better than the one I'm currently reading. It's challenging the way I think and live and I highly recommend it!

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