Thursday, August 4

Maki Rolls and The Lord of the Rings

We've been watching The Lord of the Rings series (about half a movie a night) since the 4th of July. We finally finished on Thursday. It had been so long since I'd seen the movies or read the books that I had forgotten some of the scenes. About once a week, we treat ourselves to a movie with dinner in bed. We load up a tray with our dinner plates and put it on top of an ottoman on the bed to make a table and start the movie.

Thursday, we had our version of maki rolls, which involves either tuna or cooked crab salad, avocado strips, brown rice, stir fried tofu and cucumber and carrot strips as the filling for the seaweed (nori), and Korean side dishes. It made for a very full dinner tray and was yummy!

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