Friday, August 19

Saturday Fun

Last weekend, we had Dennis and Julia over for brunch. I made stuffed French toast. After taking this picture, I soaked it in the custard and put it in the oven to save time (instead of cooking it in butter on the stovetop). Sadly, it didn't turn out as yummy in the oven.

Julia brought Blue Bottle coffee from San Francisco. Mmmmmm. And Colin was in charge of eggs and bacon.

We got a great deal on a one year membership to the Huntington Library and Gardens through Groupon. It expires at the end of the month and we are trying to get some good use out of it in this last month, so we took Dennis and Julia along with us for another visit.

Hummingbirds were loving these flowers.

Colin, "exploring" the cloud forest.

Venus fly traps! But, they weren't fooled by our poking and prodding.

Colin resting in the hobbit house.

After the Huntington, we went to pihop for their Saturday evening prayer and prophetic time, which was really great. Then we went to the best gelato place I know. I want to live in Pasadena.

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