Tuesday, August 16

Texas Visit

Thanks to a plane ticket from my Dad, I got to go to Texas for a 4 day visit last week. (Colin couldn't come because of work.) Most mornings were spent hanging out with the cute nephews.

Mom brought a coin collection for Wesley to deposit into his piggy bank. When Wesley's attention span dropped, he showed Curtis how to finish the job.

We met up with our cousins Erin and Audra and their families for swimming, a one year robot birthday party, and a Ranger game. We had great seats behind home plate at the game.

I hadn't ever been to the "new" Ranger stadium (and hadn't been to a baseball game since the Astros played their last season at the Astrodome), so it was a treat for me.
My parents wanted to go to the Kimbell on their way back to Abilene, so we made it a family trip.
They were showing a cubist exhibition featuring Picasso and Braque, which was interesting.

Wesley found out that he has hair similar to many of the statues in the permanent collection.

He walked around, looking at the paintings, and especially the sculptures with interest.

It was a nice trip, but I guess I am spoiled by our Southern California temps. It was nice to come back to open windows!

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