Friday, August 5

The OC Fair

We went to the Orange County Fair on Saturday. The last time I went to the fair was when I was staying with my Grandma in West Texas, not getting much socialization or time outside of the house, and my Aunt Marla and Uncle John took me out one night to the South Plains Fair. I was really thankful for that night out!

We ate a corndog, a huge turkey leg, and a Mexican funnel cake (a churro funnel cake).

We chased down these cool creatures on stilts for a photo.

We decided against anything from this food booth.

We saw the Peking acrobats, which was truly amazing. Neither of us had seen Chinese acrobats in China, but we finally got our chance! Most everything they did left us saying "wow!" Colin made a point to speak to them in Chinese afterwards.

I admit, if this teeth whitening were free, I probably would have done it too, even though these people look like they are being abducted by aliens.

I had seen kids get inside inflatable balls in China, but didn't know it had made it to America! The one we saw in China though looked like more fun because they had a lot more room to play on the water.

There was so much more: elephant rides, the extreme pogo championships, pig races, a hilarious hypnotist, a vermicomposting workshop... I had no idea the OC fair would be so huge! We had a lot of fun. We took the bus for $1.50 each way which got us a $9 discount ticket to get in to the fair! If you're going to the OC fair, check it out!

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