Wednesday, August 3

summer food

Colin and I ate fair food on Saturday and chicken bakes from Costco for Sunday lunch, so when Sunday dinner rolled around, we had to make something on the healthier side. I went for this version of baked sweet potatoes and a tomato, cucumber, and spinach salad as sides for marinated chicken. I highly recommend these sweet potatoes (and the salad, especially if you have homegrown cherry tomatoes on hand!)

Friday, we went down to the corner for Korean BBQ with some friends (we live less than a block from this place and really enjoy walking to dinner!) then came back to our apartment for tea and this dessert, which I made with a mix of blueberries and raspberries. It's amazing and so simple, although it does involve turning on the oven, which is a downside in the summer. I've made it since then with bananas and blueberries to stretch my berries, and it's still good, although not quite as wonderful.

Then there's the tomato open sandwich I make whenever I get good tomatoes given to me (by a friend who grows them or from the farmers' market): whole wheat bread, a spread of mayo, and sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper. Ahh. Summer! Late in the season, we figured out a place that we could grow two tomato plants where they'd get enough sun in our shady little yard, so hopefully we'll have some late tomatoes in a few weeks.

I really want to make these cupcakes, but I have no excuse and no one to share them with. Maybe I can make them at my sister's when I go to Texas on Saturday!

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