Tuesday, October 9

Mavry: 8 Months

Mavry turned 8 months old on Saturday!

For some reason, 8 months sounds old to me.  Maybe it's because she's pulling up to standing and even taking steps around the coffee table (or couch, dresser, our legs, the stack of suitcases in our living room...whatever she can find!). 

Since she learned to pull herself all the way up to standing (a little over a week ago), she doesn't have much interest in toys anymore.  She's just interested in standing up and working on taking steps along what she's holding on to. 

I can't believe she's already at this stage.  The other day I looked at her and wondered out loud to Colin how amazing it is that we have this wonderful little soul living in our house that we get to take care of in this world. What a deal. 

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Julie Tilney-Varden said...

She is getting so big! What a doll. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! LOL. Just wait until I have grandkids, then you'll be commenting on my blog!

Lela Thorne said...

Haha Julie! I hope we can see you soon!