Saturday, January 19

Mavry: 11 Months

Since my last post, we have been to Texas and back for a week long Christmas visit, came back, closed on our house, packed up boxes, and moved in!  We are still unpacking, organizing, and working on projects non stop here, plus we have been slammed this week with the flu and more teething.  So, Mavry's 11 month pictures are about two weeks later than I hoped. 

Mavry is has been standing unassisted since November 30th.  She seems to have completely mastered it, able to get up from the floor to standing without aid, but she's not walking.  She loves our new place - most of all the yard.  We spend some time outside everyday and she can't get enough of going up and down our three front steps.  We take her walker wagon out to the long front walk and she gets excited about that too.  She continues to talk all the time, making noises that sound like complete sentences.  The recognizable things she says include mama, dada, ohnononono, and we think we've heard her say byebye and hello, but those aren't consistent.  She loves to clap when we say "yay" and sometimes she'll put her hands on her cheeks when we say "oh no!". 

I include this one because it made Colin laugh.  He thought I had thrown Raggedy Ann at Mavry!  I didn't.  She just grabbed her with the intention of relieving her next two teeth coming in, I guess.

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