Wednesday, October 26

beginner mid term: writing section

Yesterday's post was from my intermediate class. Today's is from my beginner class, who learned Japanese in high school and have never taken English before this semester. Here are some responses from this prompt:
Write about your mother or father. What do they look like? What do you like about them?

My mother is very pretty and very smart. She's tall and funny.
She loves me very much, so I love you too. She's forty four years
old. She's in the Korea.

My hometown is Yanji. Yanji is butyfur. Yanji has downtown, but
Yanji very cold. I don't like the weather.

My mother is very friendly. My mother is smart. My mother is very
fanny. My mother is very good looking. My mother is tall. So,
I like my mother.

My father like working. My mother like cooking. They are very
frindly. I like it. I like bed of my home. I don't like wall's
color. (Who asked about the house, anyhow?)

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Angela said...

I love it, totally hillarious!