Tuesday, October 18

a checkup!

Our school announced last week that there was an arrangement with one of the local hospitals to give us physicals for 100 yuan each (about 13 bucks). So, I decided for that price, I should sign up. I skipped breakfast yesterday and today to get all these different tests run. Yesterday, I got my blood drawn. Today, I went to the hospital with another woman from the office and we got to pee in a cup (is there a way to do that without getting pee on your hand? just wondering), we got a sonogram (definitely first time for that!), an EKG (that felt totally weird to get all these points of my body suctioned or clamped...like aliens had captured and were testing me), and an X-ray. It looks like I'm normal, although I'm still waiting for the results of the fluid tests. I guess next week, they'll go over the results with us. Can you believe I got all of that for only 13 bucks? I probably didn' t need it, but knowing I'm healthy might make my mom feel better. :)

I also got to eat one of my favorite meals for lunch, since we had to wait on the X-ray man to come back, we went across the street and ate at a Korean restaurant. I had sun du bu jigae (spicy soft tofu soup), then we went for a little walk. It's been really cold the past few days, already long john and coat weather, but today we were just wearing shirts and sweaters, and the sun is out to warm our skin. Beautiful day.

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Jenni said...

I wish it was cooler here....it's been in the 90s the past several days. Glad to hear that you are healthy!