Tuesday, October 25

a great essay

I assigned a creative writing last week where my intermediate students had to write a story to go with one of the crazy headlines that I found online. This one was about the headline: 13 Year Old Ninja Captured, but she titled it The Surprising Weakness. All the names she uses in the story are names of past or current teachers. The victorious one is the sometimes feared director of our office. Usually, our students struggle with creativity, but this showed that it is possible to draw some creativity out of them.

The story happened in 2045. Japan had been controlled by Ninjas for
many years. The new Ninja was strong and bellicose, and they hated
endure. To be No. 1 the Ninjas wanted to capture America. But
American president Bush III had already made "Plan N" to deal with them.
Plan N went back to kill the Japanese president at his 20th birthday by using
the timing machine. Because the weakest time of the person was his last
day of 20th birthday. Lela, a young but clever girl accepted this
task. She was the youngest of the Texas Police.

So the story went back to the year 2005, YUST, China. The Japanese ws
studying here, and he had an interesting name: X man. Lela tried to search
for his information by working as a teacher. She couldn't expose herself
because the boy was still a 13 year old ninja and she was just 19 years old, she
couldn't beat him. Lela stayed at YUST as a teacher. She was so
beautiful that many teachers fell in love with her. Lela told them that
she would choose the strongest one who could beat X man. So they tried
their best, but unluckily, no one won. Abraham disappeared after the
fight, Mr. An got married with another one, and Emeric was badly hurt, his leg
was broken. The task was even harder. But the clever Lela didn't
give up. She found that the boy feared Hannah Pyon. On the last day
of his 20th birthday, she killed him with the help of Hannah Pyon.

After that, Lela understood one thing. Although a man was strong, the
English was more terrible. They were all frightened of English.

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Angela said...

oh, oh, they're on to you, it looks like this student figured out your secret identity and mission! Take out the ninja fighter, we're all rooting for you. And you never know, it sounds like English is a mighty tool. We like to use food and beer (Brian likes beer, I prefer rum), but whatever they like to get near and love;)