Friday, October 7

nothing in particular

We only had two days of school this week. That was good. I've been spending more time in the office than normal, though, to get caught up on emails (still not done) and make tests. We're already getting our midterms ready and we have unit tests this week. Today, though, I'm finished with that stuff and I just came to check email. I somehow got stuck checking out other people's xanga sites (blogs that aren't blocked here), and now my hands are cold and it's time to step out into the sunshine.

Yesterday, it was really cold and drizzly. Today, I woke up to bright, beautiful sunlight, though! Yea. I was feeling a little achy last night, so I let myself stay in bed this morning (falling in and out of sleep while reading) until a little after 10. I thought I was feeling better until I actually left my room and walked up here to the office. My body is now saying it doesn't like being out of bed, so I might listen to it. I was going to go swimming tonight, but my swimming buddy and I decided I shouldn't. I might still go downtown to get a haircut, though.

I've read my way through my fiction supply, so last night I watched a movie since I didn't feel like reading non-fiction and I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. Then, some friends came over and we watched another movie. Unfortunately, neither one was really worth watching. I need another book. I'm gonna have to check out my friends' collections.

Okay, I think I've mustered enough energy for a trip downtown, especially since there's sunshine today!

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