Thursday, October 27

dictation answers

So, on the listening section, the beginner students have to listen to two sentences and write what they hear. The dictation sentences are:
1. She works near here.
2. Are they in your purse?

Here are some answers I got:
She wercks nuirer.
She works New York.
She works nere hire.
She walks Univer.

Are day nuer peas.
a ten you pass.
Are the in your porst.
Are they the bus.
Are the your forse?
are They your parents?

What can I say. Listening is hard.


Angela said...

Hummm, I've noticed this problem even with same language speakers. Yesterday: "I cooked some potatoes and they're on the counter. There's also salmon patties on the counter and asparagus in the fridge for supper." He heard: "vcjkweoijfid potatoes, salmon patties and aspargus jdkfajkd". Which led him to ask "what does she want me to do with the potatoes?- heck if I know". So he made rice.

I've noticed these instances of miscommunication occur with greater frequence as we are going out the door. There must be bad static there. So the lesson is, don't put your expectations too high and stay out of the doorways ;)

Alex said...