Wednesday, October 5

my holiday

We are at the end of a five day (weekend included) break for national day here in China. Most schools get a week off, but we have to go back to school Thursday and Friday. Here's my holiday recap, since I'm sure you were wondering.

Friday night: Turned down the chicken liver in the cafeteria for a tasty impromptu dinner with a student. Later, went with three other teachers to one of the best saunas (bath houses) in Yanji for a good soak. We decided we deserved a little extra that night and all got hour and a half massages. For only 16 bucks, it's hard to beat. We left total balls of jelly.

Saturday: Harvest day on the farm. Laundry later that night, then early to bed.

Sunday: Normal activities in the AM, shopping to stock up in the afternoon, a good nap, a movie at home, and reading. Good stuff.

Monday: Up early to get the beans cooking for Mexican night. Ultimate frisbee with another teacher and some students, shopping for meat in the meat market (first time there...the Chinese student who went with me even pulled up his jacket collar as a breathing mask). Mexican night with the conversation teachers. Homemade tortillas (we can't buy them), cheese smuggled in from the US, my beans, and all the fixins. Good, good stuff.

Tuesday: Day trip to Hoon Choon, a border town in China where you can see Russia and North Korea at once from a viewing tower. Good times travelling with four other teachers, fitting into one taxi to get us from the bus station to the border (only 150 yuan, or about 19 bucks for a two hour round trip taxi ride!).

Wednesday: Up early to get my unit tests made for this week, to get my portion of the midterm ready, and get a bit of grading done. Soaked up the last bit of sunshine outside this afternoon, then took a walk at dusk.

Tomorrow, back to work, but only two days left in the week!


Jenni said...

Sounds like a great week! I'm jealous of that massage -- I really need one!

jee yeon said...

wow only that much? one day jb got massage and it was 100,000 won !!